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Who we are and what we do best

With a growing portfolio of proprietary technologies and advancements, 3DRotator Communications Inc. is a world leader in rotating product viewers. Our efforts are focused on content creation, the design of interactive online viewers, and tools that enhance the sales and marketing results of our clients.

3DRotator is a privately held corporation with headquarters and production facilities in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

3DRotator Communications Technology

3DRotator™ Digitization Services. Quality content creation is the most difficult and challenging part of our industry. We have invested in years of development and construction of custom digitizing equipment that provide the results our clients demand. A certain amount of skill is required to setup any product shoot, it is quite another thing to manage the settings from 240 different viewing angles without variations in lighting and position. Our production and development teams truly deserve all the praise that they receive.

3DRotator™ Product Viewer. This patent pending technology was designed and coded in response to an identified need for our clients to relay more product knowledge to their customers. The 3DRotator viewer's uniqueness lies in the compression methodology used to keep download bandwidth and server infrastructure manageable. These techniques have reduced the amount of data downloaded to a visitors machine by up to 10x for a given resolution. What makes this technology so amazing is our ability not only to create the content, but to provide a full featured viewer that requires no installation. A diverse and extremely talented R&D team continues to invest its efforts in development and market research. Understanding is the beginning of creating.

2DImager™ Picture Viewer. This complimentary technology was developed to provide a complete seamless solution for our clients' entire product offerings. Where rotatable product digitization does not make sense, a standard still photograph can be used with the same great zoom, pan and measure functionality of the 3DRotator product viewer. The photographs are either provided directly by our clients or by our content production department. The 2DImager viewer and its amazingly detailed and interactive capabilities greatly enhances the end customers product knowledge yet remains incredibly economical.

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