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Benefits of 3DRotator™ Technology for Manufacturing
Small or big, we are here to take you to the next level. Studies have shown, companies adopting new innovations, particularly those related to communication, increased revenue by 4.5% each year as opposed to those who did not.

In summary, innovation in communication impacts long-term profitability. For More Information

Manufactures return on investment.

Cost effective for retailers and a wise investment for the manufacture.

Interactive media versus pictures; when it just makes sense.

Leverage off hard earned marketing dollars.

How we can help

 3DRotator™ Viewer  2DImager™ - Added Value

By getting your product line digitized and enabling customers to interactively view it, gives you leverage. Leverage to create a win win situation for you, your sales channels and your customers. Our method for enhanced product knowledge sells products, lowers costs and will differentiate you from the competition. It also helps you be more environmentally accountable.
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Big or small, give added value to your customers for no extra charge with the 2D Imager. A license to use the 2DImager up to 50 times on your website is included with each 3DRotator Object purchased. When using both technologies, your entire site will have the same professional look and feel for every product you display.
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 Additional Solutions for Manufacturers
Stock Photographs
3D Models.

Dominate dealer's sites

By Having your products interactively rotate means dealers will want to have your products placed on their site. New clientele will chose you over the competition because of this add on benefit and feature.

Focus Groups On-Line

Maximize your marketing dollars with effective marketing tools.Try focus groups on-line for product assessment and development.

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Be Unstoppable

An unstoppable wave of doing marketing and sales on a huge scale like never before possible. This technology paves the way to extraordinary new ways of selling and provides the ultimate in customer service to a potentially massive customer base. The complete interactive product experience encompassing audio, tactile and visual along with special on demand features sales will encompass every possible customer preference.

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