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Complementary Technology for Your Whole Site

The 2DImager picture viewer allows users to Measure, Zoom-in, and Pan your graphic to be explored. A help button is available to provide brief information and/or link to an additional webpage. The highly optimized code downloads only once and is only 46 KBytes for speedy downloading. As well, the appearance of the 2DImager may be customized with your own graphics.

  • Any of your graphics or photographs of products in .gif or .jpg formats may be zoomed, panned, sharpened, and Measured.

  • Save valuable space on your webpage and improve the layout with a smaller graphic that can be zoomed in on.

  • When a second, larger, version of the same photograph is available, users may sharpen the image to explore very fine details.

The 2DImager viewer can be made any size on your website.
Try entering a new Width and Height below:
Width: Height:
Get your entire website interactive with the 2DImager and stay on budget

A license to use the 2DImager up to 50 times on your website is included with each 3DRotator Rotating Object purchased. When using both technologies, your entire site will have the same professional look and feel for every product you display.

Contact us at 1-800-747-9109 for ordering and pricing information.

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The Best, Money Can Buy

The 3DRotator product viewer. Find out how the ultimate, rich media tool can work for you.

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The Measure Tool

All functions use the left mouse button. First, Click and Release on a tool then position the mouse in the viewing area.

Measure, click and hold the left mouse button while moving to measure the distance of any part of interest on the object.

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