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Complementary Technology for Your Whole Site

The 2DImager picture viewer allows users to Measure, Zoom-in, and Pan your graphic to be explored. A help button is available to provide brief information and/or link to an additional webpage. The highly optimized code downloads only once and is only 46 KBytes for speedy downloading. As well, the appearance of the 2DImager may be customized with your own graphics.

  • Any of your graphics or photographs of products in .gif or .jpg formats may be zoomed, panned, sharpened, and Measured.

  • Save valuable space on your webpage and improve the layout with a smaller graphic that can be zoomed in on.

  • When a second, larger, version of the same photograph is available, users may sharpen the image to explore very fine details.

The 2DImager viewer can be made any size on your website.
Try entering a new Width and Height below:
Width: Height:
Get your entire website interactive with the 2DImager and stay on budget

A license to use the 2DImager up to 50 times on your website is included with each 3DRotator Rotating Object purchased. When using both technologies, your entire site will have the same professional look and feel for every product you display.

Contact us at 1-800-747-9109 for ordering and pricing information.

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The Best, Money Can Buy

The 3DRotator product viewer. Find out how the ultimate, rich media tool can work for you.

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The Measure Tool

All functions use the left mouse button. First, Click and Release on a tool then position the mouse in the viewing area.

Measure, click and hold the left mouse button while moving to measure the distance of any part of interest on the object.

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Rotate your Product or any 3 Dimensional 3D 3-D Object any Direction View it from the Bottom or the Top, Spin Left or Spin Right, Rotating is easy and Fast. Our Applet Java Program allows for Rotation of any Product or Real Life Object to be see from any Viewpoint or View Point or Point of View where a Point may be Ptviewer. Zoom in that is Zoom-in or Magnify, also Zoom-out or Stretch and Scalable or Scalible on all Details without Loss of Quality and Resolution, in fact gain High Resolution after Zooming in and Sharpening or just Sharpen all Features and Details. Photographs photos pictures how do i get my object or product or things to spin or rotate, even 360 degrees weather it is a sold model, 3d model, computer generated, or a real life object such as a teddy bear or bird. I want to find a service bureau that will take the pictures for me weather they are used for the 3drotator java applet or quicktime that is apple computer's quick time VR. The VR stands for virtual reality. We are planning to expand into the USA Canada, UK London England, Australia, China south America , even Thailand and Taiwan. Anywhere in Europe which includes Spain, France, Germany, Italy, where all the clothes and shoes, tools are made. How do I get the pictures to rotate on line. Well I thought that is what we were talking about. Particularly high quality and resolution taken by profesional professional photographer like an advertizing agency. What is an object anyway? A thing, coffee maker, product, item, and quick time, we will provide images for them as well, once we reach a deal. Of course, they will like our capture capturing of no jerk jerky motion a real pro job that is able to showcase the quality of spinning 3d object no matter if they are computer generated or real life physical things that we manufacture like a stuffed toy or other things of an arbitrary shape. spinorama 360 degrees or even 720, our viewer is the best like no other viewer. sometimes people misspell things like veiwer viewing veiwing kaon koan photgrapher photogrpher. I love spinning around and around and upside down. 'We are located in Vancouver Island in Western Canada which is in North America next to the USA otherwise know as the United States of America of course, China Japan Asian are a bit further to the West but we are still happy to help them along with Europe and the UK. We can Digitize any Object Product Trinket Tool Animal Bug or Museum Musium Muziem Musiem Creature including Artifacts Minerals Gems Jewelery or Jewellry maybe Jewelry Jewel Jewal or Ring, Ornament, Orniment, Instrument Sculpture Wiget Thing with an Organic Free or Freeform Shape that has Round Smooth Surfaces of Convex or Concave Shapes in almost any Size or Sized 3D Object. do not go to a Consultant we can do it all for you, whether 3D Modeling Meshing Animation or Animated Gif, Gifs or Gif's taking Photo's Photos or Photographs with a Camera and Images or Image Spinning Scaling or Scale Up or Down we can give your Customers a great HTML PHP ASP UNIX Linux Microsoft Windows XP Experience that can work on any Browser Capable of Displaying Java Applets its Easy fun and Free for Visitors that View your Website on Internet Explorer Exploror or Netscape Navigator or is it Navigater for that reason it may be Rotater rather than Rotator or Spinner Spinnor as far as Opera or Fire Fox they are Very Small and not widely used so your Increased Visitors and Sales will have to First Install Sun Microsystems Java Virtual Engine which some people may spell Vertual Machine. But of course, a lot of people like to Search for mis-typed words because they are in a hurry. In a Fast Environment, where Download or Downloading from their brain to their fingers is no Small Teeny Tiny Compact Very Compressed feat. Much less Small File or Small Data Files for your Product to be Displayed in a Display On-line or is it Online like in an E-commerce, ecommerce, e-store, estore, e-business, or ebusiness or any other entity on the Internet or Intranet over ADSL Dial-up Dialup Cable or Fiber optic if you are lucky. T1 T2 or T3 Connections even CDROM CROMs where Catalogs Catalogues can be Mailed Directly to your Customers. We create 3d 360 product photography. And have a zoom applet to rotate object 360 degree. Our 2DImager is a java pan zoom picture view that allows users to Rotate and View 3D Objects online. We use a image 3d rotator javascript to achieve 3D images spinning. Of course, if you are looking for us you would type 3DRotator in the address bar but some people may try and Search for us with 3drotator or 3d rotator like 3drotater or 3d rotater. It is very important to have a balance in website design where extra screen elements provide a useful result rather than just taking up bandwidth. So, do not just go out and get all the toys that simply provide flash to your site. Make sure any distraction of the users attention goes toward making sales. The 3drotator viewer is a very good fit within these guide lines by providing extra value that actually keeps the visitor from passing you by unlike other technology that forces them out. No one likes to hear sales pitches, they waist peoples time, particularly when someone is trying to find information fast, they want the information that they are looking for not necessary what you might push on them. The 3drotator viewer is available when they are inquiring about your products visual details and stays in the background if the user does not care. We wish you the best with your venture into the Internet.