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3D Animations

An animated .gif is a standard file format that should be compatible with all browsers. Its advantage is a fast loading time while giving your customer more information than a static photograph of your product. The file size, and therefore download time, is greatly dependent on the number of frames (Positions). However, the greater number of frames will give the appearance of smoother motion. The number of repetitions and speed of motion must be specified and can not be changed later. Some users find animated .gif's distracting and will leave your page if they repeat their motion more than once or twice.

To create a custom animated .gif you must first have your product digitized. A standard single axis spinning .gif is included Free with each Existing Object and New Product digitization.

Automated Ordering of Custom Animations Coming Soon...

Contact us at 1-800-747-9109 for ordering and pricing information for custom rotating and zooming patterns. As well as smoothness of motion appropriate for TV commercials.

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Want ordering and pricing information? Contact us at 1-800-747-9109 or by email.

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