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 "In the emerging digital economy, pictures will be even more critical in helping organizations to communicate."
  -- Don Tapscott (BluePrint to the Digital Economy)
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What we do best, makes you look great

3DRotator Digitization Services

Superior product imagery exemplifies a commitment to innovation and distinction; in turn builds trust, confidence, and yields results.

That is why it matters to you, and to us.

Why 3DRotator

Quality content creation is the most difficult and challenging part of our industry. We have invested in years of development and construction of custom digitizing equipment that provides the results our clients demand. A certain amount of skill is required to set up any product shoot, it is quite another matter to manage the settings from 240 different viewing angles on both axis without variations in lighting, position, and wobble. Our production and development teams truly deserve all the phrase that they receive.

We achieve results appropriate for the 3DRotator Viewer, commercials, videos, and animations. Contact us if you have an application where the highest quality in imaging is required.

How to Order

To have your product Digitized, register (free) with us then fill out the New Object order form. Choose how far to rotate, smoothness of motion, maximum quality level, and urgency of completion. The form Instantly calculates a quote for the options selected before an order is submitted.

  • A deposit will secure your position in our production system.
  • Ship your product to us right away.
  • Upon completion of digitization, approve the quality of our services and make a final payment.
  • A license to publish the data on your website is included with each digitization.
  • An animated gif of your product spinning is also included Free of charge.

Request a Quote

Leverage off word of mouth and maximize marketing dollars spent.
Generate more website traffic through customers buzzing about how complete your product information is. How cool it is to be able to virtually pick up each product and look at it just like traditional shopping.

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Making a Difference

Help boost financial performance and exceed long-term financial goals by improving response time. The ability to interactively view any object/product, anywhere, anytime, means efficiency. This translates into better customer relations, a shorter sales cycle, and decreased costs

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