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Technical Details
3DRotator™ Viewer
Bridging the Gap between Traditional and On-line Shopping

The 3DRotator product viewer allows a website visitor to examine a 3 dimensional object from 240 different angles.
Once a feature of interest is located, the user may zoom in, pan, and measure its details to explore the object further. Our patent-pending technology will virtually allow a customer to pick up your product from the shelf.


Maximize Sales Performance

Let customers become emotionally attached as they spend time experiencing and getting intimate with every detail of your products.

Close sales while your hyped-up sales leads are still hot by eliminating the time and cost of shipping samples.

Provide dealers with another reason to showcase your products in prime space.

Unleash new product introductions outside the tradeshow season.

Give products face time with senior decision makers back at the customer's office.

Distinguish your company from the pack.

Boost customer confidence while getting users involved

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The viewer can be made any size on your website.
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Viewer features:

How to Order
 Digitizing Services

To have your product Digitized, register (free) with us then fill out the New Object order form. Choose how far to rotate, smoothness of motion, maximum quality level, and urgency of completion. The form instantly calculates a quote for the options selected before an order is submitted.

  • A deposit will secure your position in our production system.
  • Ship your product to us right away.
  • Upon completion of digitization, approve the quality of our services and make a final payment.
  • A license to publish the data on your website is included with each digitization.
  • An animated gif of your product spinning is also included Free of charge.
  • Receive 50 Free uses of the 2DImager picture viewer for all your non-rotating products.

 Client Supplied Content

To compile your images for the 3DRotator product viewer, register (free) with us then fill out the Client Supplied Content order form. Enter the number of Images, Direction they were taken, and maximum Quality level. The form instantly calculates a quote for the options selected before an order is submitted.

  • Enter your website URL that the object will be displayed in.
  • Provide Dimensions of the object for the measure tool.
  • Attach/Upload a zip file of the images.
  • Once Compilation on our servers has completed, Pre-view and Approve the results.
  • Instantly receive a password and download all required files.
  • A license to publish the data on your website is included with each compilation.
  • Receive 50 Free uses of the 2DImager picture viewer for all your non-rotating products.

 License to publish

To obtain a license to publish an Existing Digitized Object on your website, register with us then search our database to pre-view existing objects.

  • Choose the quality level appropriate for internet dial-up, cable/ADSL, or DVD catalogues.
  • Enter your website URL that the object will be displayed in.
  • Upon payment, instantly receive a password and download all required files.
  • Receive 50 Free uses of the 2DImager picture viewer for all your non-rotating products.

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Technical Details

Visitors to your site that use Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, or any other Java compliant web browser do not need to download and install any software to view your product. In the rare case that Java is not available or enabled then an animated .gif of your product rotating will be shown in place of the 3DRotator viewer.

The highly optimized Viewer code loads only once, similar to a graphic on your first page, and is compressed to a speedy 46 KBytes in size. As well, the appearance of the viewer's buttons and border may be Customized with your own graphics to integrate perfectly with your website.

The 3DRotator product viewer and object data are installed on your company's website and are hosted by your server, giving you complete control. See the installation instructions for details.

Currently, objects up to the size of a wheelchair can be digitized. From ear-rings, sculptures, small machinery, tools, instruments, fittings, ornaments, to toys. We are continuously increasing our digitize capacity, if you have a very small or a very large object please give us a call.

For more information on The 3DRotator Viewer.
For the Hobbyist

Now you'll be able to interactively view your objects on-line just like the big guys. Hobbyist who already have photographs can now upload them into our viewer.

For more information

The Combo Tool

All functions use the left mouse button. First, Click and Release on a tool then position the mouse in the viewing area.

Combo Tool, Click and Drag to Pass Through one of the green icons to choose the tool then continue the same drag without releasing the button to rotate, zoom, or pan.  Click and release without moving to zoom out by 50%. 

More technical information

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The 3D Rotator Rich Media Product Viewer

The 3D Rotator Product Viewer is a new breed of interactive technology sweeping the Internet. Users are now embracing and getting addicted to this rich interactivity not possible in TV commercials. They are spinning products around to get a look at exactly the zoomed in detail that They are interested in. No Need to Customize marketing to different user groups. The groups customize themselves.

360 Product Viewer Technology

Take advantage of 360 Product Viewer Technology and have 3D Rotator digitize your 3D products today. Our ability to digitize increasingly larger 3D Objects is expanding every month with our dedicated team of Engineers. These folks are the golden needles in the haystack, which are attracted to interesting and challenging projects. They love what they do, and that attention shines through our products.

Full 360 Degree Rotation, Zoom, Pan, and Measure Details

Full 360 Degree Rotation, Zoom, Pan, and Measure capabilities is what sets 3D Rotator rich media technology apart. A Product Zoom feature is fundamental to what users are demanding. Product Rotation is obviously a requirement and 3D Rotator provides you with 360 Degree rotation on Two Axi. Simply rotating products or rotating objects are not enough. Customers want to rotate where they want to rotate, not where your marketers or media think they want to rotate. If you just offer a predetermined path or a single axis of rotation the customer will not feel in control. Not really there. It is also the ability to zoom in on detail that puts your product, virtually, in your customer's hands.

See Your 3D Products Rotate Online

See your 3D products rotate online, and see your sales start to spin, spinning out of control. Manufacturing will hate you as they struggle to keep up, while you get the glory and promotions. It wont last long, a fat profit sharing bonus for everyone at year-end will smooth over any strained relationships.

Product Zoom, Pan, and Measure, with the 2DImager picture viewer

Product Zoom, Pan, and Measure, is handled by our 2DImager picture viewer technology. Your entire website can now have the same customized rich media look and feel. A Product that has not had 360 degree photos taken by 3D Rotator, can still take advantage of our product zoom applet. Simply provide a low resolution photograph and a high resolution photograph, to let users zoom in, pan, and zoom out to rotate and explore another feature around the back side. Professional photography is again a must since zooming can show the finest of details and texture; the elements that virtually put that product in the customer's hands.

Our Rotating Object Capabilities

Our Rotating Object capabilities are continually expanding with our ability to rotate larger and larger products and objects. Whether your product is a shoe, tool, teddy bear, bird, Trinket, Animal, Bug, or Museum, Musium, Muziem, Musiem, Creature, including Artifacts, Minerals, Gems, Jewelery, or Jewellry, maybe, Jewelry, Jewel, Jewal, or Ring, Ornament, Orniment, Instrument, Sculpture, Organic Free or Freeform, Shape that has Round Smooth Surfaces of Convex or Concave Shapes. We provide exceptional quality and profession photography, with photos from every angle, 360 degrees around, using the most sophisticated camera equipment, tools, and custom rich media software available.

Rotating Product Viewer

Rotating Product Viewer technology is taking hold, and getting users addicted to the control they have when physically in a retailers building. Try it yourself, visit our showcase pages for 10 minutes, and then travel the web searching for something to buy. You will immediately want the ability to rotate and zoom on every product photograph you see. You will actually find yourself clicking and dragging on the images to try to make them rotate and spin around to the back side. That is the intimate power that 3D Rotator rich media will provide for your website visitors.

Professional Spinning Product Photography

The key to success is professional, spinning product photography. Our team of engineers has developed sophisticated product digitizers with incredible accuracy to provide excellent smoothness of rotation. Perfect chromatic adjustments and rich digital filters and fx give stunning results. It takes quite a bit of skill to setup product lighting, white balance, and exposure, for just one position. It is a complicated task to manage all of the variables from 360 degrees, without flicker or color shift from angle to angle.

3D Object Photography and 3D Model Renderings

3D Object Photography is the way of the future. How to Create professional results for all products is very complex. 3D Rotator has invested years to develop our rich media technology that provides excellent results from so many different views. Quality that will sell your products with ease and keep your customers coming back. Our state of the art software can also turn your computer 3D models into a format that the 3D Rotator viewer can read. We offer a complete website solution for every single product you sell.

3D Object Rotator Rich Media Technology

3D Object Rotator Rich Media technology has come online. Our 2D Imager picture viewer is one of the significant driving forces. Webmasters now have the ability to maintain the same look, feel and customer expectation, across an entire site, even when not all objects have been digitized for 360 rotation. Simply use your existing photographs. Only have low resolution photos available? No problem, customers can still zoom and measure any product you sell. Where you do have the increased resolution, customers can just experience more, read more, and receive that emotional edge that causes the final sale.

How to Make Photos of a 3D Object Rotate

How to make photos of a 3D object rotate is no simple task. The ideas are simple, but executing them with enough accuracy to prevent jerky and jumpy motion is a black art. It is incredible what the human eye will pick up on. If the object in the photo, or camera angle is off by a minuscule 0.01 of an inch (just 3 strands of hair), it will look like it just hit a pot-hole. It amazes me every time our digitizers fall out of calibration, and a 0.01 inch adjustment is often all that is needed.

Welcome to 3DRotator Communications Inc. website, home of the 3DRotator viewer and the 2D Imager. Want to zoom in, pan, magnify, view any object 360° from any angle. In our 3D viewer you can pan, zoom, magnify, and view any object 360 degrees. 3DRotator Communications will digitize your objects or products to be viewed in 360° in a 3 Dimensions fashion over the internet. 3D Rotations of objects digitized for use in our 3D Rotator viewer or our 2D imager can be used to view objects 360 degrees over the internet, in cyber space, on the information highway, CD-Rom brochures, DVD’s, catalogues or online. The 3D Rotation is unbelievably cool. Real life objects digitized to used in the 3DRotator viewer or the 2D Imager be viewed 360° with the 3dRotator viewer and zoom, pan with the 2D Imager. The 3Drotator is next wave in internet technology as object rotation in a 360° fashion. Our 3d viewer is unique as it can rotate real life objects in 360° fashion. Our 3D Rotation viewer technology can be used not only to view real life objects 360° but it can show the rotation of non real life objects like 3d models too. How do I get my products or objects rotated 360°? To get your products, objects to spin 360° you need to have your products, objects digitized in order to be viewed in the 3D Rotator viewer. To get your objects to spin 360 degrees you must send your products directly to our service beuro. We can take any real life object and spin it 360°, scan it, digitize, photograph it, so it can be seen in a 360° view, whose pictures are real-life like. We can also turn you 3d models created in CAD, SolidWorks, by using your step files, Iges files or igs files, of which can all be viewed with the 3DRotator Viewer. So whether you have 3D Images, 3D Models, 3D Pictures, we can turn it into a 360° object capable of rotation in 360 degrees, viewable from any angle, zoom in capabilities, pan capabilities, at any zoomed level without any loss to quality. If you are looking to expand your product market globally or internationally, or even looking to expand locally or get into a new international market; having all you products or objects rotated 360 degrees is a must because customers, international or national can see your objects on the internet like real life objects. International Customers and Domestic customers will be able to the spin your object 360°, viewing it form any angle in a 3D model like manner. International markets will love this 360° viewing capability. So look no further when marketing internationally or getting into international sales, the global community will love what they see with the 3DRotator Viewer rotating your products 360° view. You can also use 3D Models, 3D Images, 3D pictures and 3D objects in the 3Drotator viewer to work in an international level of marking your products to the international community. The International market can be brought down to size with the 3Drotator viewer to view real life objects in a 360 degree manner. 3D Models, 3D Objects, and 3D Pictures can also be used in marketing internationally with the 3DRotator viewer to market products on an international basis. With our viewer you can virtually spin any real life object around in a rotation of 360 degrees as well as pan, zoom in from any angle, top, bottom, side back or front. Our viewer can be used with 3D models or 3D Images as well in order to virtually spin any 3D graphics around in 3d roation as well as zoom in, pan from all angles such as the bottom, top, side , front or back without loss of any quality.