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1) All functions use the left mouse button.
2) First Click on a tool button to activate it.
3) Position the mouse on top of the picture then Click-and-drag.


Rotate, click and drag the mouse to rotate the object. This gives your on-line customers the ability to fully inspect your product as they would if it were physically in their hands.

Zoom, click and release the left mouse button without moving to zoom out by 50%.  Click and Drag to draw a rectangle around features of interest to zoom in on. You can zoom into a specific area of the object then sharpen the image, allowing for a closer and more detailed look.

Pan, click and drag the mouse to bring parts of the object back into view

Measure, click and hold the left mouse button while moving to measure the distance of any part of interest on the object.

Combo Tool, Press-and-Hold the mouse button, then Drag to Pass Through one of the green icons to choose the tool then continue the same drag without releasing the button to rotate, zoom, or pan.  Click and release without moving to zoom out by 50%.  Double-click to sharpen the image.




Help, click the help graphic to show detailed information on the object or show this help screen.

Increasing Memory

There are 3 easy steps to increase Memory available to Java to
improve the maximum image quality that can be viewed.

1) Right click on the Java Icon on the lower right corner of your screen, then
2) Left click on Open Control Panel as shown below

                           (your Java icon may be Orange)

3) Click the Java tab (as shown below)
4) Click the View... Button under Java Applet Runtime Settings
5) Click the highest version to make the line turn Blue
6) Begin typing -Xmx200m
7) Click the OK buttons to accept the new value of 200 MegaBytes
8) You must close down All open Browsers for the change to take affect


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